The Supershow Pinball Tournament "Showdown at Sundown" is a pinball tournament designed to test a players skill on 4 pinball machines from different eras of pinball technology. So your good at one machine, but are you good at ALL of them? If you played last year, you know how fun this tournament is. Last year, we adding a PROGRESSIVE PAYOUT!  It’s back again! This means that the more people compete (entry fees collected), the more money for the winner!


Tournament Highlights

   * $5 entry fee, enter as often as you like.

   * Everyone is playing for the Showdown Round and a Progressive Jackpot starting at $250.00 cash.

   * There are 3 divisions. Mens, Womens, and Childrens. The top seed in both Womens and Childrens earn a free entry into the Showdown.

   * Trophies are awarded to the top 3 in the following divisions :Showdown Round, Women, Children (12 and under)

   * Tournament is played on 4 machines from 4 different eras of pinball (60's, 70's, 80's - 90's, and current machine)

   * Players earn points for any Top 10 finish when the Showdown qualifying is over. Multiple Top 10 finishes on multiple machines is your goal!

   * Tournament starts at door opening on Friday and runs until doors shut that night. Again we start on Saturday at door opening and end qualifying by 4:30PM. Showdown qualifiers are called to play by 5:00PM. Estimated start time to complete The Final Showdown : 2 - 3 hours.

   * Trophies for all divisions are presented and the Showdown Champion is Crowned!


A player will enter the tournament and play a single game on each of 4 different machines. Two machines will be electro-mechanical pinball, another two are solid state pinball. Selected machines will be tested for correct settings to not allow extra balls, correct pitch, mechanical stability, etc. Only machines without progressive jackpots or other "random point shots" will be selected. Last year we had Tournament,


A player will do their best on each of the 4 machines by playing a single game on each. When they are complete, the results will be filed with the Tournament judge and/or assistants. Throughout the day, the top player scores will be posted in the tournament area. If a player is not satisfied with their play, they can re-enter the tournament again - as often as they like.

The player's TOP score on each game will be considered, regardless of how they play other games in the series. Example: For my first paid entry, I score great on the 2 EM's, but horrible on the 2 solid state machines. I enter again, and play very good on the 2 solid state machines, but suck really bad on the EM's.


No big deal! Only your highest score on each machine will count, all others are discarded!


All scores will be kept on a computer again this year with paper score cards kept only in the event of a scoring dispute or key entry error. Sorting and posting the leaderboard will be quick and accurate, once every two hours!


When all qualifying has completed, the top scores on each machine are awarded points. 10 points for a 1st place finish, 9 points for a second place finish, 8 points for a 3rd place finish, etc... . All awarded points are calculated for each of the top 10 players on each machine and an overall  TOP 10 established. These 10 people will move on to the Showdown. Additionally, the #1 points finisher in the Womens and Childrens divisions will receive a free bid into the Showdow IF they aren't already on the Final 10 points leaderboard.


Example of Showdown Round Final 10 + Winner of Women's Division (if applicable) + Winner of Children's Division (if applicable) = 12 players. Could be only 10 if top Womens and Childrens players were in the final 10.


Round 1- 1st group consists of seeds 3,5,7,9 plus the top womans division player*. The top 2 advance to Round 2. The second group consist of seeds 4,6,8,10 plus the top youth division player. Again, these top 2 advance to Round 2. Scoring: Round 1 is a points ranking round using SIPPA points scoring (1st place = 5pts, 2nd place = 4pts, 3rd place = 3pts, etc).

Round 2 - The #1 seed will play against the 2 winners from Round 1 Group 1. Winner in this group advances to the Final Showdown. The #2 seed will play against the 2 winners from Round 1 Group 2. Again, this winner will advance to the Final Showdown. This is another points ranking round using SIPPA points scoring (except 1st  place is 3pts, 2nd 2pts, 3rd 1 pt.).


Final Showdown round: The TOP 2 have advanced to the pinnacle of pinball competition. All 4 games are played.  1 game at a time, single player games only (no doubles play).   Highest score on each machine is winner of that game. In the event of a 2-2 tie, 1 game is drawn at random and a Final Showdown winner is declared. The prize? A trophy fit for a king and a pocket full of dollars!!



If anyone is not present at the start of the finalist round, it is considered a forfeit and the opponent receives a bye.    LAST UPDATE 7-18-2007