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Seminar Downloads from 2008


“Mini-Pin: A BIG Thing in a Little Package” - Rob Craig 37 minutes - 17MB MP3

He will discuss the why he decided to take Future Pinball seriously, then provide a slide show on the construction of his Mini-Pin pinball simulator which features Future Pinball in a real pinball cabinet.


“Schematics 101” Technical Seminar - Chris Hibler 43 minutes - 20MB MP3

Team EM member, Chris Hibler has a reputation among many pinball collectors as a troubleshooting & repair guru. In this talk, Chris will offer techniques, tips, and education, sharing something for both the EM and solid state pinball owner to benefit from. Watch and learn from a real pro!


"How to play pinball; skills and techniques from a pinball pro”- Derek Fugate 40 minutes 19MB MP3

Join Derek as he talks about the different styles of playing pinball, from the classics to the modern day machines.  Also tips on skill-shots, multi-ball play, and how to nudge the machine without tilting.  Derek will also be talking about pinball tournaments and the fun of competitive playing.  


"Picking up a Bimbo in Boston"- A Pinball Collector's Adventures on the Highways of North America - Brian Saunders. 47 minutes - 22MB MP3

Brian Saunders has a rich pinball collecting history filled with thrilling stories. His vehicle has pounded most highways in the US, in search of the rare, weird, and interesting. Here we get a glimpse into some of his past and more “interesting” collecting stories.

The 2009 seminars continue to be provided at no additional cost to paid show attendees. Speakers for Saturday’s 2009 seminar series include:

  • Derek Fugate - Collecting the Rare and Obscure
  • Chris Hibler - Pinball Troubleshootin
  • Josh & Zach Sharpe - Tournaments & Different Pinball Techniques
  • Q & A with Gene Cunningham (Illinois Pinball)