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Any machine with an * is expected be for sale at the show. Titles subject to change, use this list as a guide only.

It’s all about the games!

In 2008, we had 95 pinball machines, 2 video games, and 2 jukeboxes.  16 people brought equipment to the show. The machine quality was amazing, a true testimony of this unique collector show. Over the years, we’ve seen the inventory change, but one thing is constant - the quality of the machines at the Supershow. Can you help us keep up this level of quality equipment in 2009? Please contact Rob Craig at popbumper@gmail.com if you can contribute 1 or several machines to share with others.


A reputation of assistance and respect

The Supershow Staff has earned kudos over the years by catering to game donors. We understand that your equipment is valuable, and respect that. It is our honor to showcase your pinball machine or video game at the Supershow. We NEVER collect any fees for any games that you decide to sell. We ask that all equipment remain at the facility until at least 6PM Saturday, but we understand that some folks have a long way to travel. We will always offer help for loading and unloading. To say THANK YOU for your donation, we give you free entry for bringing a machine. Are you bringing 2? We’ll give your friend a free pass through the door also!




Solid State Pinball (33)

*WMS Firepower

*WMS Hyperball

GTB Haunted House

GTB Genie

*Bally Elvira and the Party Monsters

WMS Pinbot

WMS Space Station

Bally Baby Pacman

*Sega X-Files

WMS Tales of the Arabian Nights

*WMS Swords of Fury

GTB Lights, Camera, Action

WMS Demolition Man

*Capcom Breakshot

*GTB TX Sector

*Zaccaria Time Machine

WMS The Getaway

WMS Twilight Zone

WMS Indiana Jones

Sega Starship Troopers

WMS Riverboat Gambler

WMS Congo

DE Twister

*WMS Flash

*WMS Blackout

*WMS Firepower

*WMS High Speed

*Bally Eight Ball

*Bally Harlem Globetrotters

WMS Bride Of Pinbot

Stern Monopoly

Stern Lord of the Rings

Williams Big Guns

Solid State Pinball cont. (8)

* WMS Johnny Mnemonic

Bally 6 Million Dollar Man

Stern Galaxy

Bally Future Spa

Bally Dolly Parton

WMS Gilligans Island

Gottlieb Rescue 911

Gottlieb Wipeout




Home Brew Cabinets (2)

Rob Craig’s MiniMAME

Rob Craig’s MiniPin



Video Games (7)

*Donkey Kong Jr.


*The Grid x 2- linked shooter game

*Atari WAR x 2 - linked shooter game

*Ms. Pac-Man


EM Pitch & Bat (1)

C.C.  World Series Pitch & Bat




Charity Auction Game

Data East Hook

Donator Mike Miller

EM Pinball (24)

1965 Bally Wild Wheels

1962 WMS 3 Coins

1964 Bally Monte Carlo

1970 Bally Zip-a-Doo

1970 Bally See-Saw

1971 Bally Mariner

1971 Bally Double Up

1971 Williams Solids and Stripes

1973 GTB King Pin

1976 Bally Hang Glider

1970 GTB Aquarius

1973 GTB King Pin

*1972 GTB Pro Football

1966 WMS Eight Ball

1975 GTB Atlantis

*1972 GTB Grand Slam

*1971 GTB Roller Coaster

*1977 GTB Bronco

*1967 WMS Magic City

1973 GTB Jumpin Jack

1971 GTB Sheriff

1972 GTB Flying Carpet

*1972 GTB World Series

1970 WMS Strike Zone

1967 GTB Sing Along


At least 15 more coming, but the providers have not yet decided which ones. We usually get another 12 - 20 machines on Friday, un-announced.